Monday, June 09, 2008

Forever in My Heart

Always and forever - Tom - I have been thinking of you so much. There is a hole in my heart - the eternal longing for you. For your smile, your hugs, your hand holding - our dreams - our life. Gone. Forever.


  1. ((( Suzann )))

    I understand. You KNOW I understand.

  2. The pain doesm't go away, does it? I know it lessens, but....Never away completely...! I understand, my dear. I truly do.

  3. It's all about ebb and flow Suzann...just like the tides sweetie. What you and Tom had together was such a beautiful thing....

    My love to you.....

  4. This words to Tom is very important, for you, Tom, and all you Family and for your bloggerfriends.
    You should know how many people that are not able to express sorrow like you. I've learned lot's from you when my son died a month ago.
    "A Journey to a New Life". Gosh, it's hard. But it's also in respect and honour of one we loved.

    btw. To day, we had to pick up my Sons "things" in his appartement. Clsoes down his banking accounts. etc. You know how hard this is. Right.

    hugs hugs

    take care