Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lovely Weekend

Here in the burnished Autumn. I raked a ton of leaves this weekend. It was beautiful on Saturday and after a week of rain, it was a pleasure to work outside in the sun. There are still leaves on the trees and the colors are fabulous. I will try to take some pictures in the next couple of days.

Today was massage day - always rejuvenating for D to set up in the downstairs and work every kink out of me - really nice after all those hours of leaf duty. Tonight, feeling connected and flexible.

We are taking Qi Gong lessons in our office on Friday afternoons - it is very energizing. It is our Fall Workplace Wellness project. I have been trying to practice most every day. Check out the link to learn more. Relaxing and energizing at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Anniversary alerts: This TUESDAY is my EIGHTEEN MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF QUITTING SMOKING!!!!! Such an accomplishment. I am truly a non smoker.

November 14th is the third anniversary of Tom's passing. Life moves forward, and yet some things will never change. With gratitude and an enduring sense of contentment for all my blessings - I hope you have a terrific week ahead.


  1. sound good, my dear..Really really good! And that "AncientPractice" sounds very interesting.

    I congradulate you on your "I Stopped Smoking" Anniversary...That is wonderful!
    I have my "I Stopped Smoking" Anniversary on November 13th....I took my last cigarette on November 12th, 1970! Amazing acheivement, still! 18 months is GREAT, y dear.
    The Anniversary of Tom's death...not so great. But it is amazing to think it is three years. Does it feel like that to you? Time is such a funny thing...a minute can seem like two hours, sometimes, and two hours can seem like a minute, sometimes, too!
    In the time I have known you here in the blog world, you have gone through so very many changes and emotions. And here yiu are---still moving forward! Bless You, Suzann.

  2. I tell you something:
    You are unique to tell a whole story by short lines. That is an art, only few are gifted with.
    Behold that.

    PS. Only an hour ago. I spoke to the commenter above. I called that lady of honour, from Norway (where I live). She is what I call: A Real Human