Monday, October 08, 2007

More Outdoor Art

This park is right on the water with incredible views of mountains, islands, West Seattle - just amazing. The fountain has a statue of a child with outstretched arms facing the man. The water "uncovers" one or the the other during its water cycle - just lovely.

I came home feeling as though I had a real vacation - rested and relaxed.


  1. Hi there...I had no idea you were gonna be in my neck of the woods (guess I should read your bolg more huh?) Ive gotten back in to posting after a long time off...take care

  2. Behind your excellent photos you show a dream - both looking at the narrow "things" and up in the sky as well. Very symbolic.
    pls continue your path to a new life like this. You'll have our full support.

    Anna and Tor
    Oslo, Norway

  3. FABULOUS picturesm dear Suzann...That second ne is absolutely like a painting...! GORGEOUS! All the 'art' is spectacular! I havr never been to Seattle and had no idea that their Museum was so fantastic! Thanks for sharing all this, dear Suzann.