Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8, 2007 - 12:32 PM - St. Paul, MN - From My Journal

Keys Cafe on Robert Street.

Sitting after the Farmer's Market. The first hint of Fall pierces my heart. This is the season that brings you closest to me.

How many hand-in-hand at the Market Saturday mornings did we have? How many Keys' breakfasts? This day, I ate spinach omelette (some things do not change). I left the little pot of homemade berry jam untouched and remembered how you gleefully smeared every speck of it on your toast.

How many crystal blue sky days with a tinge of scarlet and orange did we walk and talk through? The crisp of the Fall - the underskirt of summer's last party dress, warm and sunny. It brings deep longing to my heart - and gratitude for memories so sharp and sweet.

I miss you - just that.

Tomorrow - the anniversary of our wedding day - Tomorrow.

Forever in my heart ----- my husband, my soul mate, my friend, my guardian angel.

I will love you for eternity. You said, "throw off the veil of death and live your transformed life." And so I shall. But, forever, forever --- there will be the days of rememberance - walking hand-in-hand in the crisp autumn air. I love you.


  1. Loving hugs across the miles...

  2. Beautiful, beautiful words. I even feel a little tingly Suzann. My love to you....Sweet dreams among the memories....

  3. So beautifully put Suzann...One feels everything you are feeling by your words...You have a great gift for expressing your feelings and painting such vivid pictures...May you always hold these memories dear, my friend.

  4. so much is happening inside you as you move forward while honoring, loving, and remembering the past. you have grown so much, are so much richer from all your discoveries. it is a glorious time for you, isn't it? i am so happy to read the posts here recently. we have been on vacation so my blog reading has been infrequent. i smile here as i read. :-)