Monday, September 24, 2007

Preparing for Vacation

Whew - what an insane time. I spent the weekend working at the duplex - staining the decks and getting ready for the winter ahead. My darling best tenants moved last week - I am happy for them and sad for me - they bought their first home (and it is in my neighborhood) - sooooo, I have been showing prospective renters the space and today I believe I rented it!!!!! Hooray. What a blessing to finalize that prior to leaving for Seattle.

Still very busy at work - good news - as over the holidays no one wants to see their consultants - so we should slow down somewhat. For now, we are blessed and happy to have great work to do.

I am excited to go to the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday. It is many, many years since I have visited Seattle - such a beautiful city. This trip feels like the first vacation I have taken in a very long time.

I am not going to take care of anyone. I am not leaving town to flee my own grief-induced insanity. I am going to explore, to have fun, to take steps forward in a new life that is unfolding. I expect laughter, good food and wine, new experiences and hugs and kisses. How wonderful.

I am taking my camera and should be able to post while I am there.


  1. This coming vacation sounds like it will be a glorious fun time...And the best oart is the hugs and kisses! (lol)
    Have a WONDERFUL time, dear Suzann, and do post from there if you have the time...otherwise, I look forward to seeing your pictures upon your return. ENJOY, ENJOY!

  2. Diane Holdorf9/25/2007 2:52 PM

    Thinking of you and sending hello's with wishes for a fabulously fun trip. Love being able to catch up with you via your blog in these oh so crazy days. Missing you, sending hugs and kisses! Di

  3. I really wish a jolly good time in Pacific NW - hope the weather will be fine as well.

    Have a nice trip

  4. It all sounds just 'too wonderful.' Enjoy, enjoy.....

    oh dear, you arrived to a rainy week, but i am sure the weather is not what this vacation is about!:-)

    it's fun to snuggle by the fire when it is rainy and cool outside, too, isn't it? ;-) have a fabulous visit, suzann!

  6. hope you have a great time. Seattle is a wonderful city and fun to explore with someone special