Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here on a Rainy Sunday

Of course you can see that we went to the Pike Place Market - the two other pictures are the view from the B and B where we are staying this weekend. Very beautiful. Happy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Beautiful place, Suzann....Hope it was all as beautiful as these pictures, my dear!

  2. Beautiful view from your B and B. A place to sit and dream....

    Hope everything is good

  3. in rain or sun, seattle is a lovely place to be. i am often ready for the fall rain and the permission it brings me "to be" be quietly alone or to share quiet moments with my love; to be pensive, sleepy, or lazy; to be introspective; to be the dreamer, the planner; to be wholly me. last night i listened to the raindrops falling on the skylight, drawn to the tapping and the cadence as though they told a story i had waited to hear for years.

    does your friend live here or were you both on holiday here? i hope your visit was filled with the joyful excitement of discovery, and i hope you will return many times. :-)

  4. My friend V lives in Seattle - it is an engaging place, with so much to do.

    I have not been back to Seattle for many, many years and was struck by how incredibly complex the freeway system is and how traffic-filled the freeways are most of the time. Otherwise, it is an amazingly beautiful city. I had a very nice time and I will return. :)