Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life Changes in an Instant

Just wanted to check in to say that I am fine - the tragedy of the bridge collapse is unfolding around us. So far, everyone I know is safe. Many of the my friends, including my sister/neighbor V, use that bridge daily. Thanks for those of you who have emailed and posted to ask.

Life is a mystery.


  1. Thanks for checking in as I was wondering as you said others had, came here first this morning. It certainly was a terrible thing :(

  2. oh, suzann, it is so hard to deal with such tragedy. so glad you and your loved ones are safe.

    i worry about our floating bridge, called "the 520." it has been cited for a few years as having structural issues which will result in a new bridge being built. i refuse to use it, so we travel across lake washington a different way.

  3. Suzann, I'm so glad no one close to you was involved. I've been reading about it in the papers and you have been on my mind so much. I can't even imagine what it's like around you right now. My heart goes out to evey family involved. I saw that there was a school bus on the bridge that managed to be okay....Thank God for that small miracle.

  4. So glad to know you are alrught Suzann....I was really worried...And also glad to hear that your friends and family are fine, too!

    Thanks for letting us know, my dear.
    Life sure is a mystery....!

  5. Thanks you are safe and all friends and relatives as well. I tell you, that here in Norway, it's been lot's of concerns around this tradegy - many Norwegians have relatives in this part of USA - And one that was inteviewed had a very commmon Norwegian family name. (Engebretsen)