Monday, August 06, 2007

Visit with the Soul Reader Part 1

The Soul Reader, who I will call Spirit Woman, greeted me at her really ordinary front door (except that the large gardens on both sides of her door are entirely ringed with hundreds of big chunks of rose quartz) and escorted me to an upstairs room painted purple and filled with crystals, sculpture and other art. The second I walked into that room, I had an overwhelming impulse to remove my shoes and socks. (I did not do so at that time nor did I mention it to her upon my arrival.)

I told her my husband had died in 2004 and I was feeling lighter now. She told me that she would do the work in connecting with my spirit and then we would talk. Spirit Woman also said that she might ask me to do some things/exercises if she thought they could help me to move forward depending what she "saw." She told me I did not have to do anything - just relax and that she wanted me to be totally comfortable with everything.

After sitting in silence while she gazed at me for a few minutes, she wrote some things on a piece of paper and then cleared her throat and said,

"You have been living a parallel life - it is the life of plans, hopes and dreams, the life that you envisioned with Tom. As long as you are living that parallel life, you will not be able to live into the life that is trying to emerge.

Secondly, just as you are living a parallel life, you have a shadow self that is living that life. Your transformed self and transformed life cannot emerge if you hold on to the old life."

She asked me to do two exercises - the first was to honor my old life and the hopes and dreams and to let go of that life and to LET GO OF TOM. She was talking and asking me to repeat these things after her ---- I was fine until she asked me to let go of Tom and that was soooooo difficult. I was not going to say it if I could not envision it and mean it. I finally was able to do so.

Next, she asked that I love, honor, thank and let go of my shadow self. To let go and invite my new self to emerge and begin to fully live. After this exercise, I removed my shoes and socks for the balance of our time together.

I spent over an hour and a half with Spirit Woman so this is really a brief recounting of the experience up to this point. After the second mantra and release was finished - she leaned forward with a very serious look on her face and said, "OK are you ready to continue?" For a minute I had an "OMG - what is about to happen" feeling. The she said, "in a few seconds after I connected with your soul, Tom immediately came into the room and he has been here the entire time." I asked, "where is he?" "Behind you just over your left shoulder." And then she began to speak......

"Tom is a pure spirit - he is pure light - sometimes spirits are still carrying little wisps of their body because they have not completely made the transition. That is not so with Tom - he is pure golden light, very beautiful."

I am going to stop here - I have been wanting to share this but it is intense and I need to do this in a couple of installments. It was one of the most incredible, loving, powerful, and transforming experiences. I had no idea that this would happen when I went to see her. I did not even know if that is what she did - but oh, she is a gifted medium. I am blessed. There is more to come in the next day or so.


  1. This is so very interesting! I've been contemplating doing this as there are some things holding back my personal growth -- I will be anxiously waiting for future installments.

    My prayers are with you as you make tis journey.

  2. Whew...yes, this is a lot to take in sweetie. But I'm a believer and have had several experiences like this myself. They too were much so that I'm not sure I could write about it. It was all pertaining to me and my psychic nature, etc. Remind me to tell you about it some day. may want to stop by my place and check out my latest post Suzann.

  3. This is something that for the past weeks has grown into controversity here in Norway - the Princess of Norway claimed she would start "An Angel Healing School". I say no more.

  4. wow - i am sure this experience was quite powerful and invigorating as well. i have only had one such similar experience which truly stunned me. i was confused but elated and then filled with the power of mystery when i left.

  5. Suzann...this was obviously an amazing experience in every way...I will email you about my time with her on the phone. It was quite amazing, too, and I thank you so much for mentioning this reading on your blog when you did...I agree with you, she is a truly gifted person.

  6. That was very uplifting to read. It sounds like you connected with a gifted intuitive and you had the experience you needed. What wise words she had for you. Really amazing. I have been looking for someone like that also. i guess we all hope for some wisdom from the other side even when our own instincts are telling us the same things. It's partly the reinforcement.