Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cat Training 1.2

Don't ask!

I love my garden window. I have always kept plants, beloved crystal pieces, small pictures and other things I love to look at in that window. It is a nice focal point in my kitchen.

Donnie, the cat, just loves to jump on things - everything as a matter of fact. He jumps up in there and knocks things down. I have tried putting sticky double sided carpet tape in the window to discourage the behavior - now I am trying my version of "crime scene" tape. Let's see if it makes a difference. Whew, cat training is tough work.

All cat-training ideas would be most appreciated.

Any suggestions????????????


  1. Hmmm....tape Donnie down.

    Okay, okay....maybe not. It's just like having toddlers in the have to safe-proof everything. The only thing is....little kids grow up and grow out of touching that stuff....cats, not necessarily. I wish I had some great hint to pass on Suzann....but I've never had to cat-proof my house. Good luck sweetie...

  2. Hi Suzann. I've been here before but never commented. On reading this post, I thought I would mention a suggestion that worked for a friend of mine to train her cat to stay off the kitchen counters. Cats don't like water so each time the cat jumped on the counter she sprayed it with a water pistol. I remember her telling me that it was important to be sneaky -- to avoid letting the cat know where the water was coming from. Don't know why, though. Guess maybe cats hold grudges.

  3. That's very funny. I would give up, have the plants there and put the other little things elsewhere and figure the cat is your new ornament for that place. They do love to look outside :)

  4. Cats do not like the feel of aluminum foil. You might try placing a sheet of foil there. After a while, you can remove it.

  5. LOL, LOL...The Dilemma of Cats and Things...! I read the other suggestions and I would try the water...but barring that, I would move the thungs from the window sill and just let Donnie enjoy that perch! I agree that many cats love to look outside..."Sweetie" does not seem to have any interest in that, but he is unusual in that way.