Wednesday, October 11, 2006


That's right - our first snow today. Not much but enough that it was a little white-out for about 5 minutes. That is one of the interesting things about living in Minnesota - in this northern latitude, there is a diversity of weather. It changes so fast.

I was taking JSB home from the office. Windshield wipers shushing real snow off the window - incredibly windy with swirling icy snow and two blocks later, the sun was shining and the only traces of snow were rimes of ice on the edges of the grass.

The conference was amazing. The courage of groups of people to work together, to make really tough decisions, to respect one another's opinions, even when they disagree - an honor to be a part of supporting that delicate work. They did it - a new transformative vision.

I am on my way to Chicago on Sunday until Thursday - hard stuff ahead but the assignment will be over the end of the month. It appears that the organization will have a new lease on the future and a fighting chance to prosper - their mission so important.

This has been a very difficult assignment. It has called forth the highest aspiration and expertise of Dendros - it has touched me deeply and been exhausting. One thing is true, I am certainly moving to a new place on the widda road - I could not have done this a few months ago.

A lovely postscript, the hotel in which the retreat was held is nearby the cemetary. At the end of the three days, every though we were exhausted, JSB and I took the flower centerpiece to Tom's grave before we came home. Lovely autumn Mums. A fitting end to the weekend.

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  1. We had some snow here today Suzann...same as you...not much. Then it immediately got it never happened. It's definitely autumn weather tho....I love it.

    I'll be thinking about you while you're in ChiTown...good luck with the assignment sweetie. It sounds like good things could be coming...take care, and don't work too hard.