Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life on this last day of 65

This is a precious time.  I have been able to spend a significant amount of solitary time this past week.  This picture so accurately depicts where I am right now.  It is time - time to move out of my comfort zone and reach for the stars ahead.

I changed my blog template this week - this is the third template in 6 years.  The first was dark - black with white type, reflecting my life and my pain.  The second, blue with clouds and the new one, a pale golden background with a flock of birds in flight,  reaching for the sky.  How fitting.

Just as the template is symbolic, so too the tag line, which I also changed this morning.  For the first few years the tag was "when you're going through hell - keep going".  For the past two years, "the adventure continues" - the new tagline "embrace the magic" is fitting for what is ahead.

I am unsure about  what is ahead yet I know it is wonderful.  I feel it deep in my bones - something amazing.  I am going to (not tiptoe)  begin to take leaps outside my comfort zone.  Starting now.  I reach for the magic. 

The birthday weekend continues - I am blessed and grateful for this life.  And for YOU.  You are MAGIC.


  1. Happy Birthday and I agree with what you've said about what lies ahead. We never know and so many options are out there. I've had my disappointments but most have led me to knowledge I needed and become apparent later how they were important to what I would be doing. Since I began publishing eBooks, it's all been applied and more. I don't know where it will go either but it is a creative side to life I have long experienced but never taken out into the public as I did beginning in December. It is magic even if it never becomes some huge thing. Just that it is for me is the magical thing.

  2. Hope your birthday weekend was most enjoyable. Also wishing you a happy 4th of July!

  3. Hi sweet Suzann. Just stopping in to say hi and hope you are well, happy and enjoying the summer. Stay cool dear friend. Love, Joy