Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Can't Walk Another MIle

That's right - there are no more words. 


  1. Thinking of you ..... and sending you positive thoughts.

  2. So sit down. Take your shoes off. Rub your tired, aching feet. Drink some clean, fresh water. Take a deep breath. Rest a while.

    The Road will still be there when you've regained your strength.

  3. To walk anywhere is to take risks. To take a chance on love is to take risks. When I had my babies, I didn't realize how my happiness would always be linked to theirs. Every time I came to love someone, same thing. We get no guarantees in life and the safest thing is doubtless to just sit.

    There is a time where a person should just sit. I liked a book that wrote of the value of depression and allowing ourselves the freedom to have black days. Our culture tries to stop that. We want it all to be joy or at least okay, but it won't be. It's more fun to write and think about the joy but life is made up of more than that especially when it's lived most fully.

    When a person cannot walk for awhile, they should sit and just be. Let life restore. Find our strength from within as nobody else can give it to us anyway. We always think they can but they cannot-- not even when it all goes perfectly.

    When you feel strength again, look around for new interests. The world is full of possibilities. Some work out better than others but there is always something new out there when we have the strength for it.

  4. My beautiful ray of golden comforting light - my lighthouse. I'm sad to read that your light has dimmed. I know that it is only so that it can shine all the brighter when you have taken some time out for YOU for a change. You do so so much for others. Please remember that if you aren't ok, you can't help anyone else. This is the time to be selfish JUST FOR ONCE, PLEEEEEEEZE xxxx