Thursday, May 31, 2012

Next Steps......

Letting go of illusions.  Living in the moment.  Letting go of what is so you can have what awaits.

Each January I record my intentions for the year on a large sheet of paper and affix it to my home office door.  I am able to see it many, many times a day.  This year it took me until early March to record my 2012 Intentions - here they are: 
  • Believe in Transformation
  • Seek to Understand 
  • Work Patiently and Persistently at All My Goals
  • Love the Now - Live in the Moment 
  • Remember: all is well in my world
When I began this intention practice it was January of the first full year of widowhood (2005).  My intentions were to remember to breathe, drink water, read, and walk.   Basic survival.   In 2010 and 2011, my foremost intention was to practice self-compassion.

As I look at my 2012 Intentions I see that I have been moving in the direction of moving on.   Seeking to understand was the intention that moved me here - I do understand.  I do believe in Transformation.  I am working patiently and persistently at my goals.  I am so much better at practicing self-compassion.

There is still more to do.....I am not in a huge hurry......I am going to Michigan for a week over July 4th to visit my Norwegian blog-brother, Tor.    I am feeling compelled to visit Sedona, Arizona - I don't know why but I think I will just buy a ticket and go for a long weekend one day soon.  I also need to go home - my Mom is not doing well and needs me to just be there for a bit.

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps into my future.


  1. Baby steps. Sometimes it feels like those baby steps are enormous ... and you know what? Baby steps move us forward, too -- just like confident strides.

    If you do go to Sedona, talk to me -- there is a little side trip between Phoenix and Sedona that you must take!

  2. I agree with Alicia.
    Baby steps can be huge.
    And can sometimes take us further forward than big strides, which can sometimes take us backward, because we can take big strides a bit carelessly.
    Or maybe that's just me.

  3. Hope you make it to Sedona. Area has very special significance to me.

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