Monday, June 07, 2010

Napa Valley

Yes, I am home with my mother - the house is sold.  For the past four days I have been busy packing and taking things apart.  It is really difficult.  She bought a new place - probably the last thing she needs to do right now but it is her decision.  There is so much to tell about this story - I have not had internet access for the past four days and now am online again - hooray.  There is much to reflect on this time right now and more than I can say.   There is much more to come......................


  1. Yeah, I can only imagine you have much to reflect about right now....
    Yet another milestone, right?

    hugs across
    the continent and pond

  2. Thinking of you Suzann. Hope all goes well with your mom and her new place. Hugs, Joy