Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Spring.....

Here are my tomato seedlings sitting in the garden window being overseen by the Viking, which is a gift from Tor my dear blogger brother from Norway. The other photos are my stove turned into a summer plant stand :) and the backyard starting to get green. The lilacs will soon be blooming. Spring, spring, spring. Hope you are enjoying the new season too.


  1. I love these tiny green tomato seedlings with their first leaves

  2. I hope everything Blooms and Blooms And BLOOMS, my dear!
    I love this time of year!

  3. spring reminds me of the excited energy during the holiday season. each day brings more surprises.

  4. How wonderful to see your Garden again and the new tomatoe plants growing up.

    I agree: it's Spring, spring spring.

    Hope the Viking Troll will protect your "crops";)))

    btw. We plan to move to our Summer Home during the Weekend, but it's a lot repair to be done.