Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here I am - Right Here

It has been an incredible week. It is so gratifying to do this work. It is the work of my heart and soul. It is leading organizational transition and there is always plenty of confusion, angst, blame, guilt and uncertainty roiling around.

I love being able to temporarily hold all that for people while they process, reflect and clear a space for themselves. This means that they are better able to concentrate on the organization's mission - the reason we are all there and in this case it is about domestic violence - the office and shelter are in one big old building. The mission is there every minute. I am grateful and I am blessed. There is much more to come but now it is off to Pilates for me.


  1. Hugs and blessings to you sweetie... ~Joy

  2. Suzann,
    you know I can be "out of line" when talking about time of Day. This is such a day.
    It's been a loong day. Breakfast as normal ... the rest of this story will be private.

    The reason for this prolog, is, you can see the time of day/morning over here.


    You now, from time to time I do watch photos taken last year. And I'm not ashamed of telling here, on Internet, to be read by people all over the World: The best memories from 2008, except for the 3x20 Event, was when in St Paul. You gave me an insight nobody else have done. That's why I know you will do something very unique for the people you now are sharing your knowledge with.

    15 years ago, when after visting Latin America several times: i said that the most tradic the White Europeans have ever done, they did it to the natives of the Americas. And, as far as I know, not so far have excused.

    I wish I was in a possition to - what would be the right expression - no to help but more like express for evryone else to accept their culture and theirs sustainable view of life.

    across land and ocean

    btw. I'll write more after some hours sleep