Friday, February 06, 2009

When We Were YOUNG


  1. Oh Dear,
    I don't know wheater to laugh or cry when seeing these photos.
    From the very serious on top to how T graps your B on the last ones.
    I suspect you still feel the latter;)))

  2. How dear. I love those. Youth and love. How wonderful.

    Every time I pass those little machines I am tempted to stop again. We did at the zoo with our grandkids and somehow got all four of us into the little booth. Color and we only got one shot but we could choose from several. Still it was a lot of fun

  3. Oh my gosh....these are so great Suzann. Look at you guys. You and Tom....young and beautiful...and wonderful. I just love them. Thanks so much for sharing these sweetie....priceless! ~Joy

  4. Suzann,
    "O" is your mini-me!

  5. LOVE IT!! The years have gone by, but you and V still have the same twinkles in your eyes...I should know - I'm your ET! heh, heh, heh~

  6. A nice surprise!

    I wouldn’t want to be that young again.

    But I am glad we once were.


  7. Sorry,
    I did not realize this was you and V. Not a clue, to say the truth.

    You have nor changed much since then. 1964.The first time I did visit France. A youth Camp in the Alpes.