Tuesday, February 24, 2009


82 days ago I got my IPhone - oh how I love that phone. This is my first phone to have a web browser, email and all the bells and whistles. It did not take me long to get really attached to my phone. It is so slick - I can take photos and email them instantly, I can check email, get directions, and even play games, "Wurdle" is my favorite.

Last Friday night I went to have a pedicure. Ahhhhh, it was so terrific, cold and snowy outside and here I was inside watching the flakes swirl by my feet in a hot, hot tub of scented water with a heated massage chair cradling my body. What a nice pampering experience. I grabbed my phone to give my Mother a quick call and then sat back, relaxed and ready to enjoy this treat.

At some point, Mai Lee asked me to look at my right toe and when I picked up my foot - I heard a big splash and and an "oh no!" from Mai Lee. Yes, that's right - my IPhone had been on my lap. Mai Lee fished it out of the tub - it was only submerged for a couple of seconds. That was enough.

I brought the phone home and put it in a bowl of white rice having heard the rice will soak up moisture. The next morning the phone worked - OMG, I was so grateful. I got in my car to drive to Pilates - by the time I got there the phone was dead.

After trips to the Apple Store (where the nice guy told me that people have brought in their laptops after running them through the dishwasher - "it was dirty!") and trips to the AT & T store and trips home to plug into ITunes - I finally had to purchase a new IPhone. So I am back on line with my phone. In all the years I have had a cell phone never have I injured it until now with the most expensive phone I have ever purchased. I shall certainly be more careful in the future.

What an expensive pedicure!!

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  1. haha,
    where to begin to comment,
    the dirty laptop in the dishwater or your need to have your iPhone when having a fabulous treatment?
    I do suspect you were awaiting a very important phonecall from a very special friend. Right?

    But after all, you are back with your phone.

    Suzann, the way you describe this "happening" tells me you are really back to the person you orginal really are. Which makes me happy.
    Also tells how alike we are.
    Even across the miles and TimeZones.

    Btw. Sorry for not visiting and commenting your excellent blog for a while. I can explain.
    I just did call you tonight.
    Just read my blog, and that might give you a clue.
    It seems I have to refresh my German languages and even learn a new one.
    Still young to take new challenges, just like you.
    Love you and will allways do.
    Take care.
    Hope to see you in Europe.
    Maybe V will come as well?