Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhh Summer

I JUST snapped these photos of my front entry - the first two are looking at the house and the last is looking out from my front door. It is so summer.

The weather today is incredible - bright sunshine, soft breezes, no humidity - Paradise. Did you know, we Minnesotans totally forget about winter - hmmmm, whaaaaa - winter, we have WINTER???? These days are enough - they are one of the reasons we continue to live in the Northland.

The basil is overflowing its tub - fresh tomatoes are green on the vine - soon, summer's delight - spicy basil, juicy red sweetness, a drizzle of green olive oil and a sprinkle of grey salt - heaven on earth. No not heaven - just summer. Ahhhhhh.


  1. send me the tomatoes and basil, please! ;) ours here in this balmy climate which has just turned warm are finally beginning to grow! tomatoes are tall but still flowering - no fruit yet. basil is recovering from a chill in late june, so i added a new small plant to the pitiful stalks now making new leaves. about the time we get fruit and bushy basil a frost will come steal away my joy! being from the south i miss the tomatoes more than any other garden thing! we used to eat them from the vine there, and by mid july they are huge and glorious! we just don't get that kind of heat. but i wouldn't swap this temperate climate of body comfort for all the georgia tomatoes in the world! :))

  2. I know exactly what you mean, during a short and intense Summer, with Flowers, berries, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, basils, Grapes etc etc, we are in Paradise and the winter seems so unbelieable far away. The long light summernights makes life worth to live up here in the North.

    Wish I could visit you and your wonderful garden. How far away is it from Chicago by Car?

  3. The flowers and your yard look lovely. Makes me want to get outside and plant some colorful plants myself! (I have no room to grow veggies as my yard is tiny.) Congratulations on your third Blogoversary … and your journey. My dad used to remind us that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and I certainly learned the truth in that first hand more than once in my lifetime.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. That's strange ... my name takes me to your URL ... so I'm going to try again,

  5. Oh what a beautiful front entry Suzann....

    After all the horrendous winter deserve to have every gorgeous summer flower,herb and vegetable you can find blossoming around you sweetie...and it looks like you do. Hard to believe there was every a winter by you...just lovely.....

  6. Beautiful flowers. I love summer.

  7. Beautiful entrance garden.
    I think because of your severe winters you probably enjoy and appreciate warmth and flowers even more than some of us.

  8. Lovely flowers and the tomatoes sound inviting. Sounds like you're moving ahead really well.

    I haven't planted potted tomatoes, lettuce or anything else since my husband died. I just barely manage to keep my potted dwarf citrus watered, but think maybe as the year goes on I may finally move ahead in that arena as I have in some others.

  9. Suzann,
    the first comment I wrote to this post, resulted in our fantastic days together, combined with your inviting.
    Thank you forever for the invitation.