Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

To my dearest, dearest eldest son - my shining light. This morning I am filled with memories of your little face, how frightened I was at 18 years old and a new mother. How little I knew; how much love I had in my heart. One day you called me and said, "thanks for having me Mom!" Oh my sweet son, thank you for being my own.

We really did grow up together. One day you called and said, "every year it got better!" In the very early years we traveled together and had lots of adventures. Shift forward - many times I worked two jobs, went back to school - got the promotions and yes, it got better.

Today, you are a loving father and husband - working hard and being successful in your chosen profession. You are loved so much in return and respected by those in all facets of your life. It was so neat to get up this morning to find a text message from you - sent right around your actual birth time of 12:31 AM - "I LOVE YOU" it said. B, I love you too. Happy Birthday Son.

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  1. No doubt you really loves and cares for each other. This post is special in the sense of gratefulness and remembering.
    Take good care of each other.
    We both know too well how sudden the unexpected, not to happen us, really happens.

    btw. It seems I'll meet a cousin between Rochester and St. Paul next week. Faith? I say no more;))