Friday, February 29, 2008

The Weekend

I am very excited. Saturday and Sunday, I am taking Christina Baldwin's Circle Training. I have wanted to take this training for the last few years - now is the time! The training is how to call the circle or call/convene a council of people and hold sacred space to accomplish a specific task, supporting each other in the process.

You can learn more here, which is Christina's website, Peer Spirit. Christina and her partner, Ann Linnea are the trainers for this weekend. It is at the Clouds in Water Zen Center, which is 2 miles from my house.

This is a marvelous opportunity to learn a new skill and to add to my participatory practices - I know it will be a wonderful spirit-filled weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.


  1. That sounds neat. I did a painting last year called-- Calling the Circle. It was a woman in a pool of water with her arms raised looking upward. Alongside the pool were cougar, eagle and wolf. Definitely we all need to know how to call our circle to ourselves

  2. hope you will blog about this...sounds like an exciting and introspective experience within the group dynamic.

  3. Sounds interested Suzann...and fun. Enjoy...and report back to us.

  4. I love this book and have used it myself. Christina and her partner will be part of the huge journal conference in Denver in June. Why don't you come?

    If you like Christina's work, you might want to check out Jack Zimmerman's "The Way of Council."

    I'm glad things were good in Seattle. I'm heading to Washington myself in two weeks. Getting out of Minn. was probably good. It has been a long winter.