Saturday, February 09, 2008

Blogroll is Missing and Other Musings

Hmmmmmmmmmmm - my blogroll has been missing in action for the past two days. It has been a busy week so I just accessed everyone's blog from my feed. This morning, I tried to fix it and the blogrolling site seems to be down. Is anyone else having this problem?

In any case, it is snowing again in St. Paul and tomorrow morning the forecast is 12* below ZERO again. GACK! This the absolutely coldest winter we have had in sooooo long. Makes me long for sunnier climes. Yesterday, it was 70* in the California wine country.

I do like the change of seasons, I would not want to live in a sunny/warm year-round climate - but this is ridiculous.

Today, I am having lunch with a friend and going to the art supply store for some illustration board and just to browse around - what fun. I hope your Saturday is terrific.

1 comment:

  1. you could move to seattle and have warmer winters but rainy ones! there might be another perk here you would like! ;-)

    i think it is colder there than anywhere else in the country! i just mentioned your climate recently to my sister who lives on the southern, sunny atlantic coast. neither of us had any idea how cold it was there until i began reading your blog!