Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday Morning

It has been an entire week since I have posted - indicative of the times I guess. Last weekend was full of errands, cleaning, reading and spending a rare day at the Mall of America with a my sister-friend and neighbor V, doing girlfriend things.

This week so far has been work-busy. Doing inspiring work with very interesting and very diverse clients. My energy level is high - I am sleeping really well, better than at any time since Tom died.

Yesterday, I successfully completed a new facilitation project that was rife with conflict, unresolved issues and negative group dynamics - really the first time I have stepped out to do such a complex facilitation alone since I was widowed.

Widowhood steals so many things - self confidence is one of them. Those who have been widowed know this oh so well.

Slowly, rebuilding brick by stone by day by night by moment by hour by days by years. We do heal - we do begin to live a transformed life.


  1. Just dropping by to say hello! I am glad you are fine! Inspiring post!

  2. i feel renewed energy in spring. despite the chilly night temperatures the days here are warm in sunshine and possibility.

  3. I found your comment about what widowhood steals so very interesting. I have been aware of creeping periodic insecurities I hadn't experienced since quite young. They have actually affected my interactions with some individuals. This has been very frustrating and upsetting to me. I've been angry with myself as I haven't been able to understand why this would happen.