Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still Here in the Cold

Just wanted to check in and say yes, I am still here and yes, it is still very cold. This winter has made me begin to think about something I never thought I would do - move from Minnesota. Yesterday, I worked in my home office and at one point, I was looking at real estate in other parts of the country. Oh well, a girl can dream. I doubt I will be moving anytime soon - my work, so many friends and loved ones, my home, all are here.

One never knows, for now I am just trying to be present to each moment.


  1. I think this winter has had many midwesterners thinking about locating elsewhere Suzann. It has been brutal...and it's still going. It's 4 degrees right now. We may be getting some more snow flurries...I hope they're only flurries. I'm totally sick of cold and snow....I haven't been able to warm up since early January. The warmer climates are looking better and better....dream on sweetie...

  2. I look at property regularly from two different areas contemplating a move. You can't change anything if you are not open to it-- even if you never end up changing it anyway

  3. It's going to be 73 degrees in Tucson today. Come on down!

  4. you gotta really love your life there to live in that kind of climate! i couldn't do it. :(

    stay warm and do a "heat dance" chanting for warm, sunny days with no windy, cold chills or precipitation.

  5. Understand the motivation to move when the weather is like that, but then comes Spring. Can you transport your business elsewhere? A rare couple of houses for sale on my street. Much warmer here in So. Cal. How about Minn. part of the year and a warmer clime the rest of the year? Guess that's a fantasy idea, too, for most of us.

  6. I might have told you before, that all my grandma's brothers (7) moved from Norway in 1897-98 to the promised land: North Dakota. In the 1920's, they had all left due to the Winters. Most of them followed the Oregon Trail - Lewis and Clark's route over the mountains.
    And started their new lifes there in Pacific NW. Many Norse did, so they got soon new friends.

    Here in Norway, lot's of people in the North are moving down to the south of the same reasons, plus: They want a touch of Summer as well and less heavy wind.