Tuesday, February 27, 2007


After seemingly endless winters with little snow - we finally got dumped on and there is more on the way.

It was fun to be around this weekend, to walk in the beautiful winter. It was extremly windy during the early parts of the storm. Sunday, we awoke to calm and somewhere around 29 degrees. Just perfect for shoveling, walking, and playing in the snow. That is exactly what my sister friend and neighbor V and I did - that is V shoveling in our front yard.


  1. Here in Oslo, we still wait for some more snow, in order to go cross country skiing. Not one time so far this winter. Last winter we did up to 5 evenings a week. Wonderful.


  2. Yep, that's the white fluffy stuff alright. Ours doesn't look nearly as white anymore. Someone told me that parts of Minnesota are expecting between 10 and 12 inches more by Friday. Is that true Suzann? Are you one of those parts? You're gonna need more shovels sweetie. Hoping it doesn't come this way again. I can finally park my car in front of my house again.