Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Blogger It Is

OK, OK, OK - I have done everything in my power to resist the adoption of the new blogger and be forced to create a google account but *sigh* tonight when I signed in, it wouldn't let me go any further without migrating to new blogger - so here I am out of "beta" and into new blogger. Oh well. I will explore tomorrow and see what new whiz-bang things are included - if any.

For tonight, it is late and time for bed. Tomorrow, J and I are facilitating a day-long leadership retreat for a client - it will be fun. Happy Friday - it is almost the weekend.


  1. I know this will no doubt happen to me one of these days...but till it does...I am hanging here in the old blogger....

    BTW: I have some more Amaryllis pictures up....These are such BEAUTIFUL flowers...I think you will enjoy them, my dear Suzann...
    Hope your "retreat" goes well!

  2. I'm in the same boat! The last time I posted, I got a message that it would be the last time they would let me post in the old version.

    Grrrrr... I hate being forced to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

  3. You managed the upgrade like piece of cake. Congratulations.

    Hope everything goes fine out there with you all and you'll have a nice weekend.


  4. TorAa sent me here to look at your amaryllis photos, and to learn how to look after the plant so it will bloom the following year. See the photo of my future Daughter-in-law's amaryllis on my blog.... what beautiful flowers they have! Now I'm going to check out Old lady's photos.

  5. This happened to me a few days ago. Rather than accept, I didn't publish a new post late that night as I just wasn't prepared to deal with anything going wrong. Within another day or two during earlier hours I finally made the change. So far so good. Haven't explored everything the "new" one does yet -- when I get time.

  6. Looks like you made the transition OK to Google. Everyone seems to have been dreading it. Your Valentine's Day post really made me teary. Death does not end a relationship. My brother-in-law in Washington state is in the final stages of his disease and my 83 year old sis is a trouper. She has cared for him so long at home--and she misses him. She hopes she can ultimately bring him back home to finish off his life. Like you, she and John have had many years of love, ups and downs, but mostly love.