Friday, December 23, 2005


My mother, heartbroken again at 79 - after surviving so many challenges.

She was a 20 and 30 something battered woman. Back in the day when there was no safe haven - stay and be beaten - leave and run for your life. She left - we left.

Years of work - then remarried - we were grown. A marriage forged in late mid-life - an unlikely pair but love. Then - POW - widowhood. Only widow/ers know the painful journey

Then they met, Russell- Mother. Both widowed. Another unlikely pair. Years of friendship - cards from him each month on their "anniversary." Three years of living together.

She went to get her hair done and when she returned, he was gone. Gone? Yes, gone. Returning now on the weekend to move his things. No explanation - no talk - no sorrys - no nothing.

She is heartbroken. Sixteen years. Betrayal at any age is devastating.