Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I fell on the stairs on Monday night - crap. I am really hurting - my entire left side from my hip to my bottom rib. So here I am, ice and advil. I have been up all day today. Propped in my office chair with pillows and ice packs.

i made it through an entire year of mourning without an accident and now - POW. I will take it easy for a few days - healing rays of golden light.


  1. At least you trip on ice ! I am the talented one who can trip on air and break an ankle.

    Sometimes life has to get our attention, has to tell us to chill (!) so we can have new thoughts and a time to ponder.

    One day soon our energies will come together and create a pulsating fountain of energy for the 'rest' of our lives.... '

    I truly consider myself one of the lucky few, to have found such a precious friend/sister/self as you.

    My heart to you across the miles foever and ever.....

  2. aha, some years later, we can laugh, but I'm sure it did hurt