Monday, November 14, 2005


One year. My heart to yours.


Grieving is an art

like surgery or verse,

essentially the art of healing

loss or losses unaccounted for.

Losses cut the soul

in twos and threes,

in wide green gash

like the wound of

a tree cut down


So much more time

than expected

so slowly heals

the severed pieces

of the self shock-shattered

by guilt and rage

and the simple loneliness

of something missing,

the hug, the casual telephone talk,

the good occasional fight lost forever

to the harsh nonphysical world of death.

Grief lived faithfully heals itself

in time not fully.

Where once an open wound burned


now a thin, transparent scar.

Still I know that till

the hour of my own death

the scar glows

and now and then bad weather

will come and waken the same old ache.

A scar is a now and then throb

that dies only with one’s own death.

- Alla Renee Bozarth

In love and your memory forever - Tom, my soul mate, my husband, the love of my life.


  1. Blue Grass Blues For You

    The day's've been rolling over me
    like boulders down a mountain side
    no way to dodge, no where to hide
    I can't run and I can't die -
    All I can do is duck.

    The world is racing right at me
    like a train on a down hill railroad track
    I'm lying here, flat on my back
    just waiting for that final smack -
    I think I'm out of luck!

    'Cause I'm still stuck standing here upright, all alone
    though my guts are churning and I'm scared of going home
    there's nothing to blame, and alone I'm going on
    But I'm still missing you tonight.

    Time drags me away from you
    like a kid out of a candy store
    telling me I can't have no more
    but I'm holding on, tight to the door -
    I don't want to leave!

    Everything has gone all wrong
    since you left I don't feel so well
    If you know why won't you tell
    Why do I think am I in hell?
    Baby, I want you back.

    But I'm still stuck standing here upright and alone
    living in a house that no longer feels like home
    I feel the cold of losing you deep down in my bones
    Darling, I'm missing you tonight.

    It's a song I'm working on, thought you would understand it.

  2. Best regards from NY! »