Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Beat Goes On

One cycle is complete. Yesterday, one year since Tom's funeral and burial. Steps forward, steps back. Always forward momentum. Resiliency is a primary quality that I value in myself. I am resilient - I am resourceful - I am here on the planet - Life is no longer pointless.

Ann was so right when she told me that in the second year one will have new memories to replace the old. Last year at Thanksgiving I was consumed by thoughts of 2003 - this year I remember that Susan and I had the "Tom Murray Memorial Steak Dinner" for Thanksgiving. This year, I am cooking traditional for Jonathan, Jennifer, Aidan, Sebastian, and Bonnie.

Life is circular. Joy, sadness, love, loss, beginnings, endings, tears, laughter. My heart, my life, my being is enriched by Tom's love and life. Reconstructing one's life is a challenge - a never ending process. The Beat Goes On.


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