Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The "L" Word

OK, OK - I'll bet you thought I had taken a slow boat to another continent.  Well, in some ways I did.  I have so many things to write about - the one I want to share tonight is that I am in love.  Yes, that's right, the "L" word.  I also am loved.  That's right the "L" word.  It is amazing. 

The guy and I have walked a path the last 15 months - singly, together - whatever.  We have done the dance - the dance in happy; the dance in the rain - the dance that is scared beyond belief (we both know what it is like to lose the love of your life); the run forward - quick, run back. 

Tonight, I can say with a glad heart and a sense of contentment - we love one another.  The kind of love that one holds carefully and with joy.  The kind of love that is steady, and feels oh so true. The kind of love that acknowledges the preciousness of life.

Right now, we are in the vigil-time of the loss of our spouses - he on October 27 (14 years) - me on November 14 (7 years).  We talk about it, cry together, comfort one another and give each other space to be lost in our memories.  And through it all - we are here in the blessed here and now. 

I have so many things I want to write - I hope each of you are well - I send my love.   In my darkest hours I never thought the sun would shine again and I certainly never imagined that I would say the "L" word from the bottom of my heart.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.  One thing I know for sure - Tom wants me to be happy.  There is truly much more to come.


  1. So happy for you .... and for the guy. Enjoy every moment. :)

  2. I can't tell you how happy I am for you so deserve to have this in your life again. Many hugs and much love... ~Joy

  3. Such a thrill to read this! Blessings to you both. My good wishes and congratulations on this very significant place you are finding yourself these days! Ain't love grand? :)) You look quite good in the glow you are wearing, my dear!

  4. Glad you have found love again.