Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here we are the day after my birthday - it is my 6th birthday without Tom here on the planet. On my 60th, my evil twin and dearest friend Lisa arrived at the party with a small box (the unmistakable jewelry box box) and said - Tom wanted me to give these to you. Inside: beautiful sapphire and diamond stud earrings. Thank you Lisa - thank you Tom.

One of the pleasures, privileges and a constant in my life before death was that Tom told me EVERYDAY that I was beautiful - it was such an honor and such an amazing thing to have that gift given from the heart.

Last night we went to dinner - the guy and me and my best friends - Joan and Steve. During dinner, Steve looked across the table and said (something like) - you don't look 65 - you look lovely and so youthful. Translate - "you look beautiful"

This afternoon I realized that those messages came straight from Tom's heart and from Steve's heart too. Thank you Tom for coming to visit last night through one of your best brother friends - thank you Steve for being my brother. Namaste.


  1. You sure don't look 65. Remember how our grandma's looked when they were 65? We;ve come a long way Baby.

  2. Happy Birthday on this your very special day - may life bring you many blessings, joy, and peace every day.


  3. Wow - sapphires and diamonds!! wo0oho0o

    You ARE beautiful in all ways!