Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Just a Drive By

Yes, I have been fairly silent these days ---- I am about to complete my current interim leadership gig and then plan to take some well earned time off from the frenetic world of transition leadership.  November, December and January will be much quieter.  Time to reflect, write, work on Dendros projects that are calling my name and time to blog. 

Winter is on its way - what a lovely time for some quiet time.  More to come.....


  1. glad to hear you have a break of sorts coming up. i am sure these holidays will be very special ones for you, indeed. hope your mom is doing ok in her transition.

  2. Good to hear you have found time to relaxe and make some time your own. You so well deserves it.
    Creating the start of our new life. A new platform.

    btw. I'm still at work and my contract is prolonged for another year. That's great for a youngster like me, nearly 66;-)
    Friday avening we got one kitten. Only one. A real Manx. It came out really overdue - feets first, so we had to help. First we thought it was dead, but Felica (Mothercat) licked and licked, and suddenly the kitten waked up.
    Guess we all were happy.