Tuesday, October 20, 2009

500 Posts

The fourth anniversary of this blog was in June. Four years.

I began this blog journey in the dark - in a raw place of loss and grief. When I began to write I never thought about anyone else reading - I just needed a place to pour out the hurt. I needed a place write my heart. The blog was a place to prove I was still on the earth and to cry out for the one who had left me behind.

In four years I have been transformed. In four years I have found you - my blog buddies, my friends, my sisters and brothers in sorrow. I have found new hope. I have learned to laugh again. The past few months my posts have been quite sporadic even so, I love this blog and I love each of you who have held my hand, given me encouragement, shared your own life journeys.

So tonight - Five Hundred Posts. I am struggling a bit right now and yet I know - that everything I need is right here - I need to continue to listen to my heart - follow my intuition - I send my love and hugs across the miles between to each of you.

Om Shanti.


  1. Yes, follow your heart, not what you think you should do or what makes sense but what feels right inside. We are too old to worry about pleasing others more than our inner voice. Fear and regrets are also wasted emotions. But you know acknowledging where you are as you work through something, that's a healthy thing to do.

    And congratulations on the 500th post.

  2. every struggle we have in life makes us stronger and more capable to handle the next one

  3. Suzann,
    do not ever forget how important you are from what you have given people and still does in all your different assignments.
    Directly to people that have needed your assistance, knowledge and Social Competencies.
    You are a hero for so many in so different ways, you should have been appointed an award.

    Please stay on blogging.
    After a while Twitter and Facebook and the like... well I do not think those are the right communication media for you.
    Simply too limited.
    But as used for drive to Blog, then it might be useful.
    You know you have tenfolds many more readers, than comments.
    I understand why.
    Not many people have the ability nor the courrage to comment.
    They read.
    Hence you should continue blogging.
    About happy days, like Farmers Market, your Garden in 4 seasons, and also about life and thoughts in general.

    from the other side of the Pond

    PS - I'm now able to upload photos again. Still from France....

  4. transitions are scary. you are brave. your heart is wise. you already know what to do. :)

    right back atcha with the hugs and love.

  5. Always good to see all the growth you're experiencing.

  6. I love your journey Suzann...and I love reading the honesty of it as you have told it to us over these four years. You have made me laugh...and you have made me cry; but you surely have made me feel the emotion of your journey with you. I'd say that's pretty special my friend. Sending my love back your way and hoping you will continue to share your journey...and your journal with all of us....
    Love, Joy