Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Busy Spring Weekend

YES - that's right - spring is springing here in Minnesota. I worked in the yard most of the day today - cleaning out flower beds, bagging old leaves and mulch, sweeping, raking and PLANTING PANSIES!! Pots and pots of pansies. So far there little peeps of chives and other early green things poking from the soil - no tulips or daffodils yet - but green and sunny and warm. Finally.

My best friend J is arriving on Tuesday night - oh happy day. We are going to have a wonderful time. Next Wednesday is the two year anniversary of my quitting smoking - TWO YEARS, can you believe it!! We have big plans - manicures, pedicures, walks, lunches, and a fabulous girls' brunch and spa day at my house next Saturday - eight or nine of us getting together to eat, laugh, drink mimosas, and just catch up. Deb will arrive in the afternoon and set up the massage table downstairs - people can take their turn throughout the afternoon as they choose.

I will be off work Wednesday through Monday when J departs for her home in Jacksonville. Oh fun - oh how I need this time to be with the sister of heart. Many interesting and fun things ahead.


  1. sounds like such joyful plans and such nurturing for the heart, body, and soul. :)

  2. Hope you are having a GREAT time, Suzann...! It sounds like a wonderful fun week ahead...!
    CONGRATS on two years of being SMOKE FREE! I hope you are doing something really wonderful for yourself--Like that Massage!

  3. Spring as a most inspiring and wonderful Season. Over here in Norway-- oooo . it's late. Then also a bit frustrating:
    Can't we start gardening?
    Cats: brrr - it's cold outside?
    We: Moving to Summerhome? hmme

    Been away for a while.
    I have no excuses but what here written:

  4. Expect you're in the midst of a wonderful week with your best friend and all the other "girls." Glad you're having fun and interesting times together. These are healing experiences.