Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Check-In

This retreat truly is a retreat. I have been off my cell phone and computer all week, which has been a curious and welcome respite. I am just taking a minute this morning to drop by and say I am thinking of you all. BTW, the retreat and the learning has exceeded all expectations. I will have time over the weekend to catch up with everyone and share my pictures and experiences. Take care.


  1. sounds like it's been a worthwhile experience and I'll look forward to hearing more

  2. Take care, you said.
    You as well.
    Life is a struggle, for most people.
    I Have choosed to look on the bright sides - be happy in a way. What more to do?
    I did learn it from my mothers cousin, Marie, who died 99 years old.
    The last 3 years of her life I called her from Oslo twice a Month- she lived in Portland,OR.

    Have a positive weekend

  3. It sounds wonderful Suzann. We look forward to seeing your pics and what you have to say.....take care.

  4. Glad your retreat is proving to be even better than you imagined. Am reminded of one I took up the Coast many years ago led by an author in connection with the prominent topic then of drawing with the left hand (or non-dominate hand.)

    I think we all have times in our lives when various retreats have special meaning and benefit. Will be interested in hear about this one you're experiencing.