Friday, August 19, 2005

Lost in the Process

It has taken some time to get balanced after being so sick for so long. Not good to be isolated like that. It seemed to throw me back in time on the grief journey. Moving forward again. Making plans for the next steps - going to make some real estate investments, work with Mark Hulsey and try some diversifying.

Yesterday was a huge anxiety day - I do not know why. It was like in the winter but I kept at it. Accomplished quite a bit of client work and tried to distract myself from the whirlwind in the pit of my stomach. Last night it occurred to me that one of the things I had forgotten in the last two weeks in the midst of illness and isolation was my gratitude practice. Overwhelmed to the point that I misplaced daily reflection of all my blessings - and there are so many.

Getting lost in the process - what counts is finding one's self. I am grateful for:

- my home
- my work
- my friends
- my family
- my good mind
- my commitment to the future
- for life

Take nothing for granted. Tom rests in my heart and is my strength and my guide. I am strong, smart, funny, and moving into the future. Om Shanti

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