Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Reporting from Seven Years In...

No matter what - I am different and I celebrate that different.  I am quite clear - I am me and I must treasure me.  Nothing else matters.  It is liberating - OMG - 40+ years later and I am finally liberated - shall we all have a big :-) and yet is is true. 

My joy, my happiness, my well being, ME - I - ME - they do not depend on anything or anyone but me.  Oh sure, I still get caught up in the old tapes, the old dramas, the old habits...yep, that's living on the planet.   Living here in this skin - breathing - being here is a blessing.

Filled with wonder and gratitude.

Kisses and Hugs and Kisses and Hugs (as far as the eye can see)


  1. Interesting, heartfelt post.

  2. Though this is a blog post, it can well be converted in to a motivational poem... :)

  3. the gift of self is the one that matters most. from that gift come all the others.