Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laughter and Love

My life is abundant with blessings.  My work is bearing fruit.  My relationship with this blue-eyed guy is amazing.  There is laughter in my life.  There is love in my life.  There is companionship.   What a joy to do life's simple things and have a friend and lover to do them with - cooking a meal, raking the leaves, walking the dog, making the bed.  Simple everyday things that are so precious to share with someone else.

I have laughed more in the last three months than I have laughed in the previous five years - real laughter - the kind that makes your stomach hurt.  Real joy.  Real sharing.  Real caring.

This relationship is easy.  We have many, many shared values.  We both have walked the widowed road and know some very deep and dark truths.  We spend time together and time apart.  We laugh together and we have cried together.  There is respect.  There is affection - oh those kisses!  So one small step at a time - here on the other side of a very long road - my feet on a new path.   My heart filled with gratitude and with wonder at what is happening in my life.  Namaste.


  1. i am so happy that you are finding the blessings of love and joy again! your FB posts reveal the thread of happiness that runs deeply through your life. i smile as i read and imagine another day of discoveries and overdue contentment for you. won't these holidays be filled with special meaning this year?! :) sending love and hugs.

  2. oh Suzann, you give me so much hope reading this. Long may it last honey xxx

  3. So beautiful...."hope is the thing with wings." Namaste xox

  4. glad for the laughter in your life