Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life Moves Forward

My friend Vince arrived from Seattle last night. He is staying for a month. We are trying this on for size. Walking a new path. I will keep you posted. Yes, life does go on.


  1. Good luck with it. I hope however it works out,it will be for both of your bests as well as your families.

  2. Wo0o0oHo0o0o - have fun! a very smart idea. of course, i want to know if it all works out nicely, could you possibly be a neighbor one day?!

  3. Everything takes time does go on...and I couldn't be happier that yours is. What a nice month this will be. Sending you hugs.... ~Joy xo

  4. Dear Suzann,
    you know I wish the very best for you because you have given me so much in time of grief and also as the giving, wonderful person you are.

    Just now, we have returned from a fantastic tour from Norway to Southern France, meeting on this 4000 miles trip by Car both Family, Old French and Norwegian friends plus blog-friends.

    There will be lot's og posts coming up.