Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank You, Josephine

for leaving your comment identifying the source of the quote I posted this afternoon.

Here is Josephine's comment:

Alla Bozarth-Campbell was one of the first women to be ordained priest in the Episcopal church. She was one of Philadelphia eleven: eleven women deacons ordained "underground" by a retired bishop of the church, the canons of which declare "a priest is a priest forever."
The Church National Conference laity had several times voted to accept women as priests, but the bishops continually blocked the ordinations by very slim minorities. Young male candidates for ordination were "striking," refusing ordination, until the Church at large allowed women priests. These eleven women pushed the matter from hypothesis into reality, and forced the Church to deal with it.

She penned this poem, together with various other works and writings.

Thanks again!!

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  1. Lovely thoughts and poem. Reminds me a bit of an experience I had years ago when I participated in a retreat -- just one of many activities in which I was engaging during that time. Think many of us have time periods in our lives when inspiration of this sort is of special significance.